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New Junior Referees


Each season, MSI trains nearly 100 teenagers as Junior Referees, and utilizes their talents and abilities to officiate nearly 700 games for our 3rd and 4th grade program. These games are 7v7 or 8v8 and are played at locations all across the County. Individuals interested in becoming a Junior Referee must be at least 13 years old, and complete a 9-hour training program, consisting of 6 hours of classroom instruction and 3 hours of "on the field" practical training. Experienced ("returning") Junior Referees must complete 2 hours of refresher training before each season. Detailed information for these training sessions, as well as a link to the online registration form, is provided below on this page.

Assigning of games is primarily accomplished by e-mail communication between the Junior Referee Assignor and the Junior Referees. Before the start of the season, the Junior Referee Coordinator sends a "mass email" to all Junior Referees who have completed the training and asks that they go online and provide their preferences regarding locations, dates, and times for the games they will work during the season. Using that information, the Assignor makes assignments each week. Junior Referees are then asked to respond promptly to confirm or decline their assignment. 

Being a Junior Referee is an exciting, rewarding and fun way for young men and women to develop maturity and confidence and is a great way to give back to the great game of soccer. It is important to note, however, that it is a difficult and challenging job at times and there are some fine young people who may not be comfortable yet interacting in a competitive game environment with adults. For those who welcome a challenging opportunity to become a Junior Referee, MSI provides strong mentoring and remedial support through the season. Parents and candidates are encouraged to consider this prior to registering for the training.

Junior Referees may choose to receive either SSL hours or $10 per game (with a bonus after working a certain number of games).

Thank you to everybody who participates in the Junior Referee Program, including the parents who help make it all possible. Your participation literally makes it possible for several thousand youth to play soccer each season!

"NEW JUNIOR REFEREES":  TRAINING and REGISTRATION INFORMATION (for those who did not work in previous season)

IMPORTANT NOTE for FALL 2018 SEASON:  There will be NO training for new Junior Referees in advance of the fall season.  Those individuals interested in becoming a Youth Game Leader should register for the PDP Clinician training, which qualifies you to work as a game leader at MSI 1st and 2nd grade games.  The next opportunity to participate in "new Junior Referee" training will be in advance of the spring 2019 season, and it will be valuable to have the experience of having worked with the 1st and 2nd grade games before moving on to the enhanced responsibilities of being a Junior Referee.

Training Dates, Times, Locations (next training opportunity will be March 2019)

Candidates must attend three training sessions, consisting of two classroom sessions (Parts 1 and 2) and a field session (Part 3).  Completing all three "Parts" is mandatory, and exceptions can not be made. 

Part 1:  Classroom Session
  • Option 1:  Date TBD (likely mid-March, and likely to be at Executive Office Building Auditorium, 101 Monroe St., Rockville)
  • Option 2:  Date TBD (likely mid-March, and likely to be at Executive Office Building Auditorium, 101 Monroe St., Rockville)

Part 2: Classroom Session
  • Option 1:  Date TBD (likely mid-to-late March, and likely to be at Executive Office Building Auditorium, 101 Monroe St, Rockville)
  • Option 2:  Date TBD (likely mid-to-late-March, and likely to be at Executive Office Building Auditorium, 101 Monroe St, Rockville)

Part 3: Field Session
  • Option 1:  Date TBD (likely late-March)
  • Option 2:  Date TBD (likely late-March)


Candidates must complete an online registration.  There is a $10 registration fee, and at the conclusion of all three Parts of training each newly-minted MSI Junior Referee will receive a Game Leader shirt, red/yellow cards, and whistle.

Click here to register for the New Junior Referee training (the registration link will go "live" on or about February 20, 2019).

Preparation in Advance of Attending Training Classes

It is mandatory that all Junior Referee candidates read "Laws of the Game Made Easy" before attending the first training class.  Please click  here to access Laws of the Game Made Easy. 

Important Note for New Junior Ref Candidates: A candidate must attend all 3 Parts, no exceptions!  Upon successful completion of all 3 parts of the training, our newly certified Junior Referees will be provided a Junior Referee shirt, whistle, and yellow/red cards, and instructions on how to obtain game assignments for the upcoming season.

FIFA Laws of the Game (2016-2017)
Rec Modifications of FIFA Laws Spring 2017