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New Age Group Policy/Rules (effective for Fall 2018)

Formation of MSI Classic teams in age groups will be based upon the US Soccer guidelines, with an allowance made to facilitate "same-grade" players to continue playing with their classmates.  For detailed information, click here.

General Registration Information (please review prior to registering your team!)

To register for the MSI Classic League, a team's MSI coach/manager must complete the team application and submit a check for the appropriate amount to the MSI Office by the stated team registration deadline.  

Individuals who wish to coach in the Classic program should review the information on the Classic FAQ page and submit their application by the posted coach application deadline.

Unlike MSI Recreational Soccer, players do not register through the MSI Office for participation in the MSI Classic League.  After trying out for and being selected to play for a MSI Classic team, players are registered through their team's coach/manager.  Please see the Classic Player Registration page of the MSI website. Players in the U10 and U11 age groups generally need to complete the MSI Classic Skills Evaluation and be rated into the Classic Player Pool in order to be eligible to try out for a Classic team.  Each Classic team has a limited number of Wild Cards that they may use to roster a player who has not been rated into the Classic Player Pool, as well.  For additional information about registering for the Classic Skills Evaluation, please visit the Skills Evaluation Process page of the MSI website.


MSI's New Synthetic Turf Fields (with lights) Enable Vast Expansion of Games on Superior Quality Fields!

MSI has funded the construction of new synthetic turf fields at Julius West MS (4 fields, with lights), Albert Einstein HS (1 field, with lights), and Walt Whitman HS (1 field, with lights), at a cost of nearly $5 Million over the next 10 years.  These new fields will vastly expand our ability to schedule games on superior quality fields, AND to avoid rainouts at a much improved level.

All U10-U12 teams will be scheduled to play all 8 league games (100%) on superior quality fields during the fall season, up from the historic level of 4 games each.  All U13-older teams will be scheduled to play 6 of their 8 league games (75%) on superior quality fields during the fall season, up from the historic level of 4 games each.  If there are rainouts (thunder/lightning, or closure of Soccerplex fields) or other unusual circumstances, that may force make-ups to be scheduled on standard park/school fields, though every effort will be made to maximize the extent to which make-ups are scheduled for superior quality fields!

IMPORTANT NOTES (Regarding Deadlines, Fees, and Carding of Players)

The deadlines for team registration are as indicated below. Timely registration and fee payment for teams is critical for divisional planning and scheduling purposes.  Please be considerate of the other teams and register and submit fee payment on time.  Registration and payment of fee after the payment deadline will be assessed a $150 late fee.

For all teams, the team registration fees include "carding" of players for the fall season.  For the spring season, players who are "new to the Classic League" will pay a $16 carding fee at the time of their on-line player registration.

For player registration for U15/above teams, league rules allow for rostering of additional players beyond the standard 18.  The team registration fees include "carding" of 18 players, and additional players rostered for the fall season in excess of 18 will be assessed a "carding fee" of $16/player.

IMPORTANT DATES:  Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 Season