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Boys 2002/2003 United Green, White

BOYS 2002/2003 MSI UNITED (GREEN & WHITE) (U18 age group for Fall 2019/Spring 2020)

The Boys 2002/2003 Academy program will be looking to add a few players for the Fall 2019 seasonal year. We will have one of our teams playing in NCSL and in a couple of tournaments. If you are interested in trying out, please contact Coach Servais directly about attending upcoming training sessions.

Head Coach:  Marc Servais
Coach's Contact:  [email protected]

Team Manager, Academy '02/'03: Thomas Humphries, [email protected] 

                                                                                   Team Tryout Information Click here

Cost of Participation
:  The Seasonal Year player participation fee during 2017/2018 was $1,950 for the year for the Boys 2002/2003 Academy (requires a one-year commitment); this fee does not include individual player uniform/team bag kit, which is approximately $150.  Exact fees have not yet been set for 2019/2020, as the final schedule of activities is being worked out (e.g., one team likely will "sit out" during the fall season, while players participate on HS teams).

Initial Payment Required:  Within 72 hours of receiving an Academy roster offer, parents shall indicate acceptance of that offer by making a $400 Initial Payment.  This payment may be made by credit card (see link immediately below), or by mailing a check to the MSI office.  Please note that this is an "Initial Payment" towards the full fee, and is non-refundable.