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Academy Schedules



Below are the weekly training schedules for all MSI Premier teams.

MSI Boys Premier Teams, Week of March 9-13, 2020
MSI Girls Premier Teams, Week of March 9-13, 2020


Below are the Winter Academy Indoor and Outdoor  2019-2020 schedules. Please double check with your coach / manager.  All indoor practices run from Monday, January 6th-Friday, February 28th.  Just a reminder that the CESJDS Campus is the Lower School, located at 1901 E. Jefferson Street, Rockville, MD 20852.  Outdoor turf practices run from Saturday, December 4th-Saturday, February 29th.

JDS Lower Gym 6pm: Boys U10
JDS Lower Gym 7:30pm: Boys U16
JDS Upper Gym 6pm: Boys U11
JDS Upper Gym 7:30pm: Boys U15

St Andrews 1 7:30pm: Girls U15 Silver
St Andrews 2 6pm: Boys U18 White
St Andrews 2 7:30: Boys U18 Green

JDS Lower 6pm: Girls U15 Gold
JDS Lower 7:30pm: Girls U13 White
JDS Upper 6pm: Girls U12 White/Green
JDS Upper 7:30pm: Boys U19 Vipers

JDS Lower 6pm: Girls U11
JDS Upper 6pm: Boys U12 White/Green
*All Nadir Mouman's teams at Whitman HS*

JDS Lower 6pm: Girls U10
JDS Lower 7:30pm: Boys U12 White/Green
JDS Upper 6pm: Boys U13 Green
JDS Upper 7:30: Girls U14 White

JDS Lower 6pm: Girls U15 White

Saturday at Einstein HS:
12pm: Girls U12 Green/White, Girls U10, Boys U11 White
1:30pm: Girls U11, Boys U15

Saturday at Whitman HS:
10am: Boys U10, Boys U11 Green/White
11:30am: Boys U16
1pm: Nadir Mouman's teams