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Other Awards

MSI Builder Award, Special Contribution Award

Past Awards & Winners 

2017:  Pam Yerg
2016:  Special Contribution to MSI, Dan Lukash
2015:  Special Contribution to MSI, Jack Kyriakos & Keyan Mohthashemi
2013:  Builder Award, Leon Reed
2008:  Recognition of Special Service to MSI, Don Schuessler & Ethan Alkon
2006:  Builder Award, Harry Martens
2004:  Builder Award, Gary Nordan, Sue Santa Maria, & Damon Cordom
2004:  Recognition of Outstanding Performance, J.J. King
2004:  Parent of the Year, Karin Stout
2004:  Community Support Award, Brent Conner
2004:  Parent of the Year, Anne Swindale
2004:  Manager of the Year, Mike Kator