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Junior Referees


Historically, MSI has conducted a "Junior Referee" program in order to supplement the significant shortage of adult, USSF-certified referees.  As the referee pool has grown, we have progressively reduced the number of games led by MSI Junior Referees, and increased the number of games led by adult, USSF-certified referees.  At this time, we believe that the pool of adult, USSF-certified referees has grown large enough that we are able to provide those adult referees for all games previously led by MSI Junior Referees.

We encourage all those who previously have served as MSI Junior Referees to continue with our Youth Game Leader program by serving as referees in our 2nd Grade program (which utilizes a 7v7 format of play for the Spring season).  There are important differences in the Rules for the 2nd Grade 7v7 game, as opposed to the 3rd Grade 7v7 game, and we will be conducting a 2-hour training program to orient new 2nd Grade Youth Game Leaders sometime during the weekend of either March 16-17 (likely) or March 23-24.  Please return to this page for updated information and the opportunity to register for that training, as soon as it is finalized.  Thank you very much!