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Adults/Volunteers: Spring 2020 Season Registration

Thank you for volunteering to coach your child's and neighborhood's team!  Without terrific volunteers such as yourselves, youth sports would not be possible.  Please carefully review the information below, providing details on how to register, the Federally-mandated online training that is required, and the opportunity to make special scheduling requests for the upcoming season.

Required Online Training
Federal Law, passed in November 2017, now requires that all youth sports Coaches and Team Volunteers must complete two online training courses; one for "CDC Heads Up Concussion Training", and another for "Safesport Training".  The requirement is that all such Adults must take the "Initial Training" courses, and they remain valid for one year.  If your online profile indicates that you completed the training after June 14, 2019 (the last play date for the Spring 2020 season), you are "good" for the Spring 2020 season!  If you completed the training prior to June 14, 2019, or are a new Coach or Team Volunteer, you will need to complete the training before the start of the Spring season.

After you register as an MSI Coach/Team Volunteer, you will be able to access the link for these courses in your profile. These online courses are being made available to you free of charge.  Once you complete each course, the system will note you have completed the training in your profile. 
However, please keep a copy of your certificate to show, if necessary.
Head Coach Schedule Request
MSI will continue our effort to minimize schedule conflicts for those coaches who are registered head coaches of two or more MSI Recreation or Classic teams. The head coach schedule request also provides coaches for an opportunity to request scheduling consideration for possible problem dates for their teams. (Due to the extraordinary number of requests we receive, we regret that we cannot honor requests from assistant coaches.) While not guaranteed, we do our best to meet your needs. Deadline for submission of schedule requests is Monday, February 24.

• Requests received after the schedule request deadline or during the season will not be accepted.
• We are unable to accept requests from assistant coaches. 
• Teams may request ONE DAY for a bye request but may not request a full bye weekend. You should be prepared to play on all game dates as the number of opportunities to grant bye requests are extremely limited. (If your team can’t play at its scheduled time, please check the Rec Program Manual to review your options.)
• All teams should be prepared with an assistant coach or other team official in the event that MSI is unable to de-conflict perfectly for coaches who are the head coach of multiple teams. MSI will not de-conflict more than three teams for any head coach.

Technical Assistance
For problems with creating or using your online account, please contact Stack Sports directly at "TBD".  For questions about the MSI Recreational Program or other MSI programs, please contact MSI at [email protected]