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Recreational Program Age Group Commissioners are responsible for placing all players on teams and setting up team conferences.  When you call your MSI Age Group Commissioner, please remember that s/he works very hard to ensure that hundreds of children in your age group have a safe and enjoyable soccer experience.  Please treat your AGC with respect and take the time to say thank you for their hard work on behalf of so many children!

Contact information for Age Group Commissioners:


Each age group/gender in the Classic program has a volunteer coach or manager who is familiar with the league and who provides valuable support to the effective management of the league by being a source of information for teams with questions pertaining to the following:
a. Classic Program rules, policies and procedures
b. Referee complaints
c. Rules and discipline Issues
d. Assist in making sure that scores have been entered by teams in the scorekeeping system.
d. Team viability (usually during the time of team registration each season)

Classic Liaisons for the 2019-2020 seasonal year are: