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2019 MSI Cherry Blossom Classic Schedules, Scores, Standings
(click on the link, above; posted/updated Monday, March 18, 5:00 PM)
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 Soccerplex has confirmed the specific grass fields that we will be able to use for the tournament, and a "conversion key" is posted here.  Please review your schedule of games, and note the Field Letter" that your game is scheduled to play on.  Match that letter up with the specific "Field #" listed here to determine which Soccerplex field on which your game will be played.

A ... #4
B ... #5
C ... #6
D ... #3
E ... #23
F ... #24
G ... #7
H ... #21
I ... #22
J ... #9
K ... #17
P ... #14A
Q ... #14B

Please know that a tremendous amount of effort was put into avoiding coaching conflicts in the schedules.  Nearly 50% of all teams submitted schedule requests or had coaches with multiple teams, meaning that many flights had several teams within a given flight that made requests, making the de-conflicting process even more challenging.  Nearly all requests were satisfied, though there were a few that could not be completely resolved. If you have asked for consideration as a coach of multiple teams, please review your teams’ games to determine if you may have a conflict. Many flights will not have a firm Sunday game matchup until they have completed both Saturday games, and standings have been updated. This made de-conflicting those Sunday games virtually impossible. All coaches of multiple teams should be prepared to have an assistant coach step in if it becomes necessary. We are unable to make changes to the schedules once they are posted.

Home Team and Field Marshal Instructions