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A Level of Play for Everyone


What to bring 

-lunch and snacks

-a lot of water

-shin pads

-Please apply sunscreen prior to arriving, we will remind the campers frequently during the day

How are campers put into groups

The groups size and structure depend upon the number of campers for the week by age and gender. Activities are not limited by group, we will mix groups depending on the activity.

Does it matter the level of my child's soccer ability?

We are prepared to work with soccer players of all levels. Our trainers apply what we call coaching on a slant, within one activity providing assistance to a less skilled player while challenging the more skilled player.

Should my Soccer player enroll in multiple weeks of camp?

Yes. We have found that once a camper experiences a week of camp and is comfortable and getting better each day at soccer, they want to attend additional weeks. As well, we have found the campers make new friends and plan additional weeks of camp.

Will I receive additional information about camp after I register?

Once you register and pay for your camp program(s), you will receive a confirmation email. In addition to that confirmation email, you will receive an overview of the curriculum and information on a typical camp week. The week prior to your camp week, an email will provide all necessary information including: what to bring to camp, directions, and details on the special happenings of your camp week.

What is the MSI camp mascot?

This is not a trick question. We do not have a camp mascot. This Summer's campers will suggest mascots and vote on the mascot. We will track this through the Summer and keep you posted.