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Skills Evaluation Process


MSI conducts Skills Evaluation sessions to evaluate players wishing to play soccer on U-10 and U-11 Classic teams. The evaluation for field players consists of the opportunity to play in several different small-sided games in a 25 x 35 yard area, with and against a variety of teammates and opponents, while being evaluated by MSI Classic coaches. The evaluation for goalkeepers includes an opportunity to demonstrate their skills (catching, diving, etc.) to an experienced goalkeeper coach and then play in the small-sided games as a goalkeeper in a regular sized goal. 

For evaluation criteria for field players, click here.

Players are only evaluated for ONE position--either as a field player or as a goalie. After they have passed the evaluation, they may try out for teams and may try out for any position on a team. They are not required to only try out for the position for which they were evaluated.  During the registration, you will be asked to let us know whether the player is being evaluated as a goalie or field player for planning purposes, but the player may change the position when they arrive for the evaluation if they would like to.

72 working hours after an evaluation is complete, the results are tabulated and posted on the MSI website. Those players that successfully complete the Classic Skills Evaluation will have their evaluation number that they wore on their back posted as being entered in the "Classic Players Pool". Players who do not successfully complete the evaluation will be posted as being entered in the "Recreational Players Pool".

A player who successfully completes the Skills Evaluation is NOT guaranteed a roster spot on a Classic team. After successfully completing the Skills Evaluation, a player should contact Classic teams he/she is interested in playing for and request a tryout. Teams looking for new players can be found on the MSI website the Classic Tryout Notices page.  

(Tryouts notices will not be posted until after all the Classic Skill Evaluations are completed in May but in the Winter you will find tryout notices posted on the Classic website anytime after the Fall season has concluded.) MSI encourages families to "interview" Classic coaches of teams to determine the best fit for their child. Each Classic team is autonomous and managed individually. Players and their families need to carefully consider the numerous factors involved with choosing a team, including the personality and qualifications of the coach; location, date, and time of practices; cost (which is different for each team), etc. If a player has ALREADY registered for the MSI Recreational Program and then is selected to play for a Classic team, the player must withdraw from the Recreation program by the program transfer deadline in order to eligible to play in the Classic league and to receive a refund for the Recreational Program registration. The process for contacting Classic teams is explained at the Skill Evaluation sessions. 

MSI IS NOT ABLE TO DISCLOSE OR RELEASE ANY INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS SCORES OR INFORMATION FROM THE SKILL EVALUATION. A player who does not successfully complete the Classic Skills Evaluation may still try out for one or more Classic teams as a “wild card” player. Each U-10 and U-11 teams may have up to three wild cards on their team at a time. Classic coaches use their wild cards to roster players who did not register to take the Classic Skills Evaluation or who did not successfully complete the Classic Skills Evaluation. Players are required to notify coaches when requesting a tryout as a wild card player that they have not successfully completed the Skills Evaluation. Players who have been carded to a select team in another league within the past year are not required to take the Classic Skills Evaluation.


MSI’s Classic Skills Evaluations are held each Spring for the following Fall season, and a limited number of Classic Skills Evaluations are offered each Winter for players hoping to join a Classic soccer team the following Spring. Players attending the Winter Skills Evaluation should be aware of the VERY LIMITED spaces available on Classic teams for the Spring season and are advised to attend ONLY when they know they have a particular team that they will be trying out for...or if they are a current wild card player on a Classic team. 


We offer several Skills Evaluation sessions in May each year in preparation for teams forming for the following "seasonal year" which encompasses the Fall and Spring seasons. We also hold a very limited session in the winter time after the Fall season. No walk up registrations are accepted. Please register through the online registration link that can be found on the Skills Evaluation Registration page of the MSI website. . 

You only need to attend ONE evaluation, and you may not attend a second evaluation if you do not successfully complete the evaluation until 12 months have passed.  Players are only evaluated in one position at an evaluation. Once you pass the evaluation you may try out for a team in any position. 


1) When taking the skills evaluation, players must wear proper soccer attire including shin guards with socks that cover the shin guards, soccer shoes, shorts and a T-shirt. Players should also bring a warm-up during the Fall and Winter sessions, as the sessions will be held outdoors unless indicated otherwise. Goalkeepers are permitted to wear proper attire for goalkeepers including goalie gloves, long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Players should bring at least 16 ounces of cold water. You will receive a registration confirmation and you should bring that to the evaluation. At check-in, your child will be given an identification number. You should REMEMBER your players assigned number to check the players status when it is posted on the website 72 hours after the evaluation. 

2) Players who have successfully completed the Classic Skills Evaluation in the past DO NOT have to complete it again to be eligible to try out for a U-10 and U-11 Classic teams in a subsequent season. 

3) Players must register to be evaluated in their appropriate age group as indicated on the Skills Evaluation Registration page even if they plan to play for an older team. Boys must be evaluated with other boys. Girls must be evaluated with other girls even if they plan to play on a boy’s team. 

4) A player who does not successfully complete the evaluation for as a field player may ask to be evaluated as a goalkeeper (and vice versa) within the same year.  A player may only be evaluated for one position during a specific Classic Skills Evaluation session. 

5) U08 players may not take the Classic Skills Evaluation but may play in the U10 age group as a wild card player as long as the players family have signed a 2-year exemption waiver. Classic teams are limited to a maximum of two players playing two years up. 

If, after reviewing all the information here and in the Classic Section of the MSI web site, you still have questions, please direct your inquiries to