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MSI's Classic League FAQ

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Thinking Of Starting A New Classic Team?

Contact the Classic Program Manager at [email protected] to let her know. If you are new to the Classic program, schedule a phone call to get you up to speed on the process of team formation and to answer any questions particular to you. 

How Can I Become a Classic Coach?

All Classic coaches are required to hold the Classic Coaching Course certificate or its equivalent. The course is hosted by MSI twice a year, usually in March and August. The fee for MSI coaches is heavily subsidized by MSI. 

New head coaches must apply to and be approved by MSI. If you are interested in being considered for a position as a new head coach in our Classic Program please submit an application, in the form of an email addressing each of the criteria listed below, no later than December 15 for the spring season and no later than May 15 for the fall season: 

- The age group you are interested in coaching. 
- Current level of coaching courses completed. 
- Your overall coaching philosophy. 
- Strategy for continuing your soccer education. 
- Your experience in teaching/working with young children. 
- The number of years you have coached youth soccer, in either a recreational or competitive program. 
- The age groups you have coached. 
- A list of references (names/phone #'s of parents whose children you have coached). 
- Sportsmanship record. 
- Education. 
- A brief work history. 

Please e-mail your application to:  [email protected]  After your application is received, you will be contacted regarding a mandatory coach orientation meeting.

How Does a Player Join a Classic Team?

U10 and U11 Players

Players may join Classic U10 and U11 teams in one of three ways:  

1) By successfully completing a MSI Classic Skills Evaluation, attending a Classic team tryout, and being selected by a Classic coach

2) By being previously carded during the previous seasonal year to a team in ANOTHER select league (WAGS, NCSL, etc), attending a Classic team tryout, and being selected by a Classic coach

3) By attending a Classic team tryout and being selected by a Classic coach to fill one of that team’s three wild card roster slots. (Each U10 and U11 Classic team has three wild cards it can use for players who did not register for a Classic Skills Evaluation or who were not rated Classic Eligible at a Classic Skills Evaluation.) 

U12 and Older Players

Players joining U12 and older teams do not need to successfully complete a Classic Skills Evaluation and may join one of these teams by attending a Classic team tryouts and being selected by a Classic coach.

How can I determine my child’s age group?

The sanctioning organization for MSI Classic defines the age group cutoff dates. Age groups are determined by birth year, though MSI has allowed for an expanded range of birth dates to enable players who are "same-grade" to play together (click here to review the detailed Age Group Policy/Rules).  Players may play in the age group one year older than their “true” age group. Players who wish to play two years up must submit a Request for Exemption to Play Up Two Years (found in the forms sections of this website). Players may not play “down” in a younger age group. No exceptions are made to this rule.

Can my child play on more than one team?

Players who play on U10-U11 teams may not play on a second team (double card). Double carding is allowed in the U12 and older age groups and teams in those age groups may roster up to three double carded players.  Subject to the rules of the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA), a player who is on the roster of a U-12 or older Classic team may also be on the roster of another carded team at the same time. (If the secondary team is another Classic team, it must be in a different age group of the Classic League.)  Classic players (or players in any other “select” league) may not play in the MSI Recreational program.

When is team registration, and how do I register?

Registration for teams to participate in the MSI Classic League opens in late May or early June for the fall season and mid to late December for the spring season. Additional information and a link to register your team can be found on the Classic team page of the MSI website. 

When does the season start and end?

The spring season typically begins the first weekend in April and the fall season typically begins the first weekend after Labor Day. The season typically runs for eight weeks. No games are played on Memorial Day weekend and MCPS holidays may alter this schedule in any given year. 

When are schedules posted?

Schedules are posted approximately two weeks prior to the opening weekend of play. 

Are games played on Sundays?

Yes. Due to the severe shortage of soccer fields in our region and the limited number of Saturday Maryland Soccerplex games each weekend, all teams should expect to play one half of their games on Sundays.  High School age groups may expect to play more than half their games on Sundays, due to the complications caused by SAT/ACT Exams that occur on 3-4 weekends each season.

Will I get a uniform from MSI?

MSI does not provide uniforms for Classic players, but does facilitate the ordering process through an ordering program setup with Rockville Soccer.  Classic teams purchase Adidas uniforms for their players directly from Rockville Soccer, and should contact them directly (301.309.6902). They are located at 837 F Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD, and also have stores in NW Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Frederick, MD.

Will we play on the same field as last season?

MSI's new synthetic turf/lighted fields, along with our allocation of games at Maryland Soccerplex, enable many MSI Classic games to be played on those fields.  There are a few Park fields that also will be used.  So, there will be a familiarity between fields used, though it will not always be the same.

Where is my practice field and how many practices will I have?

Weekly practice times and locations are arranged by the coach of your team. Families are expected to be flexible with their schedules once the team’s practice schedule is announced. 

How do I apply for financial aid?

To apply for financial aid, players must submit their FARMS (Montgomery County Public Schools Free and Reduced Meals) voucher to the manager of their team who will, in turn, submit the request to MSI. Submissions must be made by the first month of the season and AFTER the team has registered and paid their team fee. The check is made payable to the player but sent to the team. The team is required to have the player endorse the check over to the team.  Please note that "organizations" who already receive grant funding or support from governmental bodies or other funding sources may not "also" apply for financial assistance from MSI.

How do I report a problem at my game?

All reports MUST be submitted in writing to the MSI office within 48 hours of the game. They may be mailed or e-mailed. We cannot investigate your concerns unless they are received in writing within a reasonable time-frame. MSI will direct all appropriate concerns to our Policy, Rules and Discipline Committee (PRDC) which will investigate the report and take appropriate action. Games are routinely monitored by Board members when the behavior of a team or team official is in question. 

How will I know if games are canceled?

In the event of a league-wide cancellation due to inclement weather, MSI will make a decision to cancel all games before 8:00 am, when possible. Cancellation of games must be coordinated with the School and Park permitting agencies, as well as with the Maryland SoccerPlex, and decisions are not made hastily. If games are canceled league-wide, notification will be placed on the MSI website. Once games are canceled for the entire day, league wide, it is impossible to reverse the decision for games later in the day.

If weather deteriorates during the day, or specific fields are unplayable, games may be canceled on a field-by-field basis. Teams will be notified when possible, and cancellations will be posted on the MSI website as they are reported. Once games have started, referees are instructed to use common sense and suspend play if dangerous conditions exist. Referees and coaches are asked to contact the MSI office if their field is deemed unplayable by the referee, so that a notice may be posted on the website. Players are encouraged to check the website before leaving home for their game, when conditions are questionable.

A game is considered complete if it has been played through the first half before being terminated by the referee.

Where can I find more detailed information on MSI policies and rules?

Program manuals for the Recreational and Classic Programs, as well as a link to the FIFA Laws of the Game are available on the MSI website.

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