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A Level of Play for Everyone

A Level of Play for Everyone

MSI Cherry Blossom Classic

Schedules are posted below, with all scores/standings updated.  Congratulations to everybody for a great weekend!

Schedules/Standings,  U10 Boys and Girls

Schedules/Standings, U11/U12 Boys and Girls

Schedules/Standings, U13/U14 Boys and Girls

The March 2022 Cherry Blossom Classic will be held on March 18, 19 and 20. 

As a reminder, we have very limited space and will be monitoring registrations carefully.  As age groups/divisions fill, we may close those age groups (and plan to put this information on our website MSI Cherry Blossom Classic as it happens). 

All age groups for the Cherry Blossom Classic are now closed/filled.  Posted 3/11/22 10:15 am

The MSI Cherry Blossom Classic will be played the weekend of March 18-20, 2022 (majority of games will be March 19-20).   Teams can expect a weekend of spirited and fun competition, with games played on MSI's superior quality synthetic turf fields.  Competition will be held in Classic age groups U10 through U14 for boys and girls teams, and Rec Grades 3 through 4 (Classic teams will play Classic teams, Rec teams will play Rec teams).  All teams will play 3 games, with 2 teams advancing to a Championship match on Sunday afternoon.

Please join us for a weekend of highly competitive soccer and great fun. We look forward to seeing you there!

Important Dates for 2022:

March 7 ... Registration opens
March 10 ... Registration deadline (all payments must be via credit card at the time of registration)
March 14 ...Schedules posted at 6pm
March 18-19-20 ... Tournament play dates

Age Groups for 2022:
Recreational Grades 3-4 (25-minute halves)
Classic Age Groups U10-U14 (30-minute halves)

Registration Fee:
$406.85 ($395 plus the credit card fee) NO CHECKS ACCEPTED  ... Rec Grades 3-4 and Classic U10 (all games played 7v7)
$478.95 ($465 plus the credit card fee) NO CHECKS ACCEPTED  ... Classic age groups U11-U14 (all games played 9v9)

Grouping of Teams:
We are limited to a total participation of 48 teams for the entire event.  Teams will be grouped as closely as possible within their age groups, but must be prepared to play with and against teams that are one age group above or below their own, as necessary.

Eligible Teams and Players:
This event is an in-house MSI event, available only to currently-registered MSI teams and players, for Classic teams aged U10-U14 and MSI Recreational teams Grades 3-4.  Teams may utilize "guest players" if they are currently-registered to another MSI team in the same level of play (Rec players may "guest" for another Rec team, Classic players may "guest" for another Classic team).  NO GUEST PLAYERS are allowed from any other organization than MSI!

Game Schedules
Some games will be played on Friday evening, March 18 (though a majority of games will be Saturday and Sunday).   All teams MUST be able to play any time on Friday evening, Saturday morning through evening, and Sunday morning through evening.  Game schedules will be posted on this page on Monday, March 14, at 6pm.

Rules of Play
All "group play" games will be governed by normal MSI league rules, with game length as specified above.

In the event of a jersey color conflict, the home team must be prepared to change jersey colors (or to wear pinneys that they bring to the game).

Remember that yellow cards require the player to be removed from the field of play for 5 minutes, and that red cards require the team to play short one player for the balance of the game and the player to sit-out the subsequent match, even if it is the Championship match).

Group play games shall end at the completion of regulation, and will NOT go to overtime.  Semifinal (if any are needed) or Championship games that are tied at the end of regulation time will proceed to two 5-minute overtimes that will be "golden goal" (first team to score is declared the winner).  If still tied at the end of overtime, the game will immediately proceed to FIFA Penalty Kicks (each team takes 5 kicks in alternating order; the team that scores the most is deemed the winner; if still tied after 5 rounds of kicks, the contest will continue with sudden death rounds until a winner is decided at any point where both teams have had an opportunity to take a kick in the extra round).

Standings and Tiebreakers
Teams will be ranked at the conclusion of group play, with the following tiebreaking rules in effect:

Teams receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.  Teams initially are ranked on the basis of those standings points.

If two teams are tied .....
Tiebreaker #1 is head-to-head winner advances.
Tiebreaker #2 is the team with the best Goal Differential advances (Goals For minus Goals Against, using a maximum goal differential in any one game of +/- 4).
Tiebreaker #3 is the team with the fewest goals allowed advances.
Tiebreaker #4 is the team with the most goals scored (up to a maximum of 4 goals in any given game) advances.
Tiebreaker #5 is the team that scored the first goal in the head-to-head game advances.

If three or more teams are tied ....
The above rules are applied until such time as one or more teams "drops out".  At that point, the remaining "tied teams" revert back to Tiebreaker #1, and reapply the process.  If one team is ranked above all others after Tiebreaker #1, they advance.  If two teams remain tied, and are better than any other teams that are being analyzed, they then revert to Tiebreaker #1 to have it applied just to those two teams.

Note:  The information below is from prior years' events, and does not apply to the 2022 MSI Cherry Blossom Classic.

The Cherry Blossom Classic Tournament has become one of the most competitive and fun spring pre-season events in the mid-Atlantic region. We expect that most age groups in our tournament will feature a Premier and Classic division. The Cherry Blossom Classic Tournament will provide a great opportunity for your team to prepare for spring league play.

Important Dates for 2020-2021:

January 27 ... Registration opens
February 14 ... Registration deadline
February 17 ... Payment deadline
March 13 ...Schedules posted (on or about)
March 20-22 ... Tournament dates

The MSI Cherry Blossom Classic soccer tournament is to be played the weekend of March 20-22, 2020 (majority of teams will be March 21-22). Our tournament headquarters will be at the Maryland Soccerplex in Germantown, Maryland. Participating teams can expect great competition, superior fields and the most well run tournament they have ever attended. Competition will be held in age groups U-9 through U-19 for boys and girls teams. All teams are guaranteed 3 games and all games will be played either at the Maryland Soccerplex or at other synthetic turf fields in Montgomery County. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Some games will be played on Friday evening, March 20. If your team is not able to play Friday evening, please be certain to indicate that when you register your team.)

This tournament is sanctioned by the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA).

The age group structure as established by US Soccer will govern, as modified below. All players (including guest players) must have been born on or after the specified date for their age classification.

U9/U10:   $695.00
U11/U12: $745.00
U13/U19: $845.00


U09 to U10:  7v7
U11 to U12:  9v9
U13 to U19:  11v11

Please join us for a weekend of highly competitive soccer and great fun. We look forward to seeing you there!


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