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Director of Coaching Lance Van Winter will be holding a Classic Coaches Meeting on May 16, at the MSI Office Park Conference Room, 7529 Standish Place, Rockville, 20855 (from the MSI office). There will be two meeting options on May 16, the first will be at 5:30 until 7:00 and the second will be at 7:00 until 8:30. 

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MSI Office Park Conference Room, 
7529 Standish Place, Rockville, 20855 (from the MSI office)

Exit the parking lot to your left as you are facing this building. Take a right turn and then take the first left at the address sign that says 7529 Standish Place. Go straight ahead through the parking lot about 100 yards until you can turn right and are facing a big glass atrium and the front of 7529 Standish Place. The conference room is in the part of the building to your left as you are facing the front. Do not go in the front entrance of the building. Walk through the breezeway to your left (past the deli) and you will see an entrance door which is just outside of the conference room. Knock on the door and someone will open it for you.