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Spring 2018 Kindergarten Program Schedules and Groups


Spring 2018 Kindergarten Program

Welcome to the Spring 2018 Kindergarten Soccer season. This page is where you will find your child's group as well as the Spring schedule.

Finding your Child's Group and schedule in two easy steps.

Step One:
Locate your child's group by clicking on one of the links below with the letter range that includes the first letter of your child's last name.
* If there are more than one of a certain last name, the first initial of the first name will be after the last name.

Groups Updated 4/11/2018

A  thru E F thru I J thru M N thru R S thru Z

Step Two:
 Click on your child's Group name below to view the schedule.

Schedules Updated 4/5/2018

Rock Terrace Elementary School
> Penguins   Lizards   Hamsters         Ducks        Hippos        Chipmunks

Thomas W. Pyle Middle School
>    Sharks     Bears     Parrots Dolphins      Monkeys         Kangaroos

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