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Recreational League Schedules, 7th to 12th Grades

Fall 2017 schedules are available! 

To find the schedule for your team,  please click on the links for your child’s age group until you see your coach listed at the top of the schedule. If you do not know your coach’s name, please refer to the 
parent’s roster view instructions on the MSI website. 

Coaches, if your team is unable to play on a certain game date, please click here for information about canceling and rescheduling games.

7/8 Grade Boys
Athletico Madrid (revised 9/8, field directions added)
Bayern Munich (revised 9/22)
Liverpool (revised 10/3)

7/8 Grade Girls
Barcelona (revised 10/17)
Fiorentina (revised 10/12)
Real Madrid (revised 9/19)

HS Boys

AC Milan (revised 9/8, field directions added)
Juventus (revised 11/6)
Roma (revised 9/8, field directions added)

HS Girls
Arsenal (revised 9/8, field directions added)
Chelsea (revised 11/6)