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Spring 2018 Recreational Program registration is now open!!  Please read the following information in its entirety before you click on the registration link below. 

Registration Information

Effective with the opening of the Spring 2018 Recreational Program registration, MSI will be using the “Bonzi” (a Blue Star Sports company) registration and database system for all MSI programs. (Korrio ceased doing business in September 2017.) Upon their first registration in the Bonzi system, parents will be asked to create a family account before beginning their registration for the Recreational program itself. When creating your family account, please be certain to include information yourself as the primary account owner. After you are done setting up your member account, you will then be able to begin registering your child or children (or yourself as a coach/volunteer) for the Spring 2018 Recreational Program. 

Here are instructions to set up your family account and complete your registration:

1) Click on the registration link below. You will be directed to the member login page. 
2) Click on the right hand tab "Create a new Bonzi Account) and enter the requested information to start to create your family account. Click on the sign in button. 
3) Complete the parent 1 and parent 2 information (if applicable).
3) Click on the "continue to register players" button at the bottom of the page. 
4) Select the age group and gender of the program for which you wish to register your child and follow the prompts to complete your registration.

For problems with creating or using your Blue Star account, please contact Blue Star directly at For questions about the MSI Recreational Program or other MSI programs, please contact MSI at

Registration Link

Note: If you wish to coach a returning team, you will be asked to indicate the team ID of the Fall 2017 team. Click here for a list of Fall 2017 team IDs. 

Click here to register as a coach/volunteer.