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Kickoff Classic Cancellation, Friday, September 1, 10:45 a.m.

Over the past few days MSI has been in conversations with the owner of the Poolesville Polo Grounds which has been the site over many years of the MSI Kickoff Classic. The owner had concerns that the Polo Grounds in its current wet state would suffer significant damage if a soccer tournament was played this weekend. After reviewing the weather forecast for this coming weekend, the Polo Grounds ownership reluctantly decided the tournament must be cancelled. The Polo Grounds is a working horse farm and having so many motor vehicles on the wet grounds would create ruts which would put the horses at a long term risk.

While this is a bitter disappointment, especially given all the time and effort already invested by MSI staff to organize the event and prepare the farm site for our Festival, we at MSI want to thank the ownership of the Polo Grounds for making every effort to keep the tournament going. We plan to be back in 2018.

Regarding the participation fee, we will be evaluating the expenses associated with the event, and will be making our best effort to refund as much of that participation fee as possible.  A specific decision on that will be made during the week of September 11th, and all teams will be advised of what to expect at that time.